How to Clean Binoculars

The best way to clean binoculars is to protect them from dirt or dust. We have all seen it happen that somebody pulls out a pair of binoculars, breathes on them, and cleans the lenses with the interior of a T-shirt. Although it is not suitable for binoculars, many people do not realize that this process can be harmful.

Rubbing lenses with dry or wet cloth will surely distort the external coating, and incoming light will scatter. The scattering of light will give incorrect imagery, and you will not be able to use these lenses for a long period of time. That is why you should know how to clean binoculars safely.

If you don’t know how to clean binoculars, then you will not be able to use your binoculars for a longer period of time for hiking, bird watching, stargazing. Dust, fog, and water are some of the major damages that can affect the reliability and quality of binoculars.

So, you must pay attention to which way you will save your binoculars completely. If you are wondering and don’t know how to clean binoculars inside or what to use to clean binocular lenses. No worries, because by the end of this article, you will be fully equipped with solutions for cleaning binoculars.

how to clean binoculars
How to use binocular

How do I clean binocular lenses?

The best way to maintain binoculars is not to clean them regularly. Regular cleaning can cause more damage to coatings and lenses. When cleaning the lenses of binoculars, you must know which thing you have to use to clean the binoculars. You must use special tools that are particularly made for the lenses of binoculars. When getting started, make sure the right tools are available:

what to use to clean binoculars lenses:

What you can use

  • Lens Pen
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lens cleaning solution
  • Lens brush

What you should don’t use

  • Clothing items
  • Paper towel
  •  Windows and household cleaners
  • Soap and detergent

Steps to clean binoculars with without scratching the lens

Read the Instruction Manual:

how to clean binoculars
Binoculars instructions manual

Before cleaning the binoculars, it’s essential to completely read the user’s instructions manual. Because in the user manual, manufacturers can suggest special tools or chemicals that help us clean our binoculars safely.

While often times manuals are thrown in the garbage without much consideration, The instruction manual will explain what not to use, as many binoculars have different lens coatings with different reactions to cleaning solutions. The use of the wrong chemical to clean the binoculars can cause damage to the lenses.

Remove dust Using Compress Air:

To clean the binoculars with compressed air, hold the binoculars upside down and use lens cleaning pen’s to remove any light material. After that, use some compressed air to carefully remove the dirt.

If you are using canned air, make sure the product gives small bursts of air and do not use it too close, as it can hold up the lens. Brush dust particles from the lens carefully. A soft brush or lens pen is best for safely cleaning the binocular lenses

how to clean binoculars
Cleaning binoculars

It is better to use microfiber or cleaning cloth to clean off dust. Otherwise, tiny scratches can appear, which will cause images to dull over time.

Similarly, avoid breathing on the lens, as this can form water or fog spots that will be hard to clean when dry. You should not use spit for cleaning. Don’t wipe the binoculars with the tail of your shirt.

Use Cleaning Solution for Binoculars lenses:

The most efficient way of cleaning the binocular lenses is by using a lens cleaning solution. Using a cotton pad or microfiber cloth with water or a cleaning solution, softly wipe away any remaining dust or dirt. It is essential not to pour the solution directly on the lenses because it can drain into the inner components of the binoculars and cause damage.

how to clean binoculars
Cleaning Solution for Binoculars Lenses

If the binoculars are waterproof or fog proof, gently run light stream of water over the lenses of binoculars to remove excess filth. Don’t store binoculars until they are completely dry.

Don’t use window cleaning fluid on binoculars because these cleaners often include chemicals that can damage to reliability of the lenses.

Before applying any type of cleaning solution to clean binocular lenses, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage.

Use of Cloth to Clean Binoculars:

How to clean binoculars
Soft cloth to clean binocular lenses

Once all the dirt is removed, use lens cloth to wipe away any remaining stains. Apply very slight pressure and work in circular motion to reliably clean lenses.

Confirm that this cloth is held in a clean environment so more dirt is not added to the lenses in cleaning process.

Don’t use rough clothing items, toilet paper, and paper towels for cleaning of lenses. These materials include fibers that will give scratches on the lenses.


How to clean the Body of Binoculars?

Besides lenses, body components of binoculars go through lot of confusion. Between gluey fingers and unpredictable weather, many things can affect  cleanliness of external and rubber eyecups of the binoculars.

How to clean the External Body of Binoculars?

Cleaning of exterior part of binoculars is easiest part of the entire process but should be done regularly to keep the binoculars in perfect condition. You must have to use following steps to clean the binoculars external body.

  • Remove Loose Debris: First, use a soft brush or a fan brush to carefully clean the outside of the binoculars by removing any loose dust, dirt, or debris. Extra care should be taken with joints, cracks, area around the eyepieces and objective lenses.
  • Use a Wet Cloth: Wet a clean microfiber cloth or lens cleaning wipe with warm water. If the spot is really bad, you can add a drop of light dish soap to the water. Wipe the outside of the binoculars gently, making sure to get the body, the eyepieces, and any rubbery parts. Move in a circle, but be careful not to scratch the surfaces.
  • Clean the Rubberised Parts: Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the rubberized parts of binoculars, like the eyecups and grips. Clean the rubbery parts gently with the toothbrush that has been dipped in the soapy water.
  • Deal with Stains That Won’t Come Out: To get rid of stains or leftovers that won’t come off, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol to clean the binocular lenses. Smooth out the spot with the cotton swab that has been soaked in alcohol. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.
  • Dry them fully: To dry the binoculars fully, use a dry microfiber cloth or lens cleaning cloth. Make sure there are no more water drops on the surfaces.
  • Check for Any Remaining Debris: After cleaning the binoculars, examine them in good lighting to ensure that all dirt and dust have been removed.

How to clean the internal Part of Binoculars?

  • Remove Eyepieces: Carefully take the eyepieces off if your binoculars allow it. The eyepieces on some binoculars cannot be taken off. Please make sure to follow the directions that came with your model.
  • Use a Blower Brush: Brush the objective lenses (front lenses) and eyepiece lenses (back lenses) with a blower to get rid of any loose dust or dirt.
  • How to Use Lens Cleaning Fluid: Put a little lens cleaning fluid on a clean, soft lens cleaning paper or microfiber cloth. Do not put the oil on the glasses directly.
  • Wipe the Lenses: Gently clean the objective and pupil lenses by moving them in a circle from the centre outward. Be gentle with the glass so you don’t scratch it. For each lens, use a different piece of cloth or paper to clean the binocular lenses.
  • Reassemble the Eyepieces: If you took the eyepieces off, carefully put them back together again, following the guidelines from the maker.
  • Check for Alignment: After you clean and put the binoculars back together, double-check to make sure they’re still in the correct position. Refer to the user guidebook for instructions on how to fix them, If they’re not aligned correctly,
  • Final Check: Look at the lenses in good lighting to make sure they are clean and don’t have any spots or smudges.

Additional tips to clean binoculars:

  • When cleaning binoculars, don’t use too much force to keep them from breaking.
  • When you clean, only use light dish soap and warm water. Don’t use strong chemicals.
  • Keep the binoculars in a safe case to keep dust and other things from getting on them when not in use.
  • If the inside of your binoculars has been purged with nitrogen or argon, be careful not to let water into any holes or plugs. Water can damage the optics inside.
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