How to Disassemble Binoculars

I have always been a bit careless or clumsy when it comes to handling tools and gadgets. I throw my binoculars without lens caps into my backpack while packing. I hold the binoculars without cleaning my hands after eating. When I feel that binocular lenses are not clean, I blow on the lenses and clean them with my shirt. We have all done it. Let’s not deny it.

But that is not the way to do it. It damages the quality and effectiveness of lenses. In this guide I will tell you how you can properly take care of your binoculars by cleaning and repairing them at your home. It’s a step to step guide which will help you to disassemble and assemble your binoculars.

How to disassemble binoculars

If your binoculars are new, make sure to ask the company before trying to take them apart. It’s better to only take apart old, broken or cheap binoculars. When you are taking binoculars apart, put labels on each piece so it is easier to put them back together.

Workspace and tools that you need to disassemble binoculars

For the process of disassembly and assembly of your binoculars you should have all the proper tools needed for the process. You would need a clean cloth, screwdrivers, a small container for keeping screws, tweezers and a soft surface to place disassembled parts of binoculars. Your workspace should be clean and have sufficient light.

Remove lens caps and lens covers

Twist counter clockwise and take off the protective ring covering the lens or the cap at the front of the binoculars . Each lens has its own cap. If it is tough to loosen cap with your hands, use a strap wrench. Do not use pliers or a crescent wrench because they might scratch and harm the rings.

Unscrew the retaining ring and Remove objective ring

Retaining ring is second ring behind the protective ring. Use a spanner wrench to unscrew the retaining ring from the front of the objective lens.
Use a spanner wrench to turn and remove the objective ring behind the retaining ring on binoculars. The objective cell also becomes loose so you can remove it as well.

Find and take out the outer screws

Check the binoculars for screws that hold the housing together. Usually, you will find these screws on the sides or underneath the bridge, which is the middle part connecting the two tubes. Use a precision screwdriver of the right size to gently remove these screws. Put them in a container so that you do not lose them.

Pull apart the optical tubes

After taking out the outer screws, gently pull apart the two optical tubes. This will reveal the internal components. You might need to use a bit of gentle pressure or shake them a bit to separate but be careful not to apply a lot of force.

Take out the prism assembly

Inside the binoculars, prism assembly is the part responsible for reflecting and redirecting light to make the image look right. Find the screws that hold the prism assembly in place. Depending on the binoculars’ model, you might have to take off other parts, like focusing wheel, to get to these screws.
Remove the screws using precision screwdrivers and gently lift the assembly out.

Disassemble the focusing mechanism

If you want to get deeper into binoculars, you may need to disassemble the focusing mechanism. This part lets you change the focus of each eyepiece separately. take out any screws holding focus wheel housing. While you take it apart, pay attention to how components are arranged so you can put them back together correctly.

Take out the lenses.

To reach the lenses, you might need to disassemble the optical tube further. Be extremely careful during this step because the lenses are delicate and can easily get scratched or damaged.

Clean and maintain the components.

While the binoculars are taken apart, use this chance to clean the lenses and prisms. Use a soft cloth and a lens cleaning solution. Remember to be gentle and avoid using excessive force. Clearing the inside parts during cleaning will enhance the image clarity as it should be.

Reassemble and put everything back together

When you are reassembling your binoculars, do everything in the opposite order you took them apart. First, put lenses back and use rings to secure them. If you took apart the focus wheel, put it back together, making sure all the pieces line up. Be careful when you reattach the prism part, do not tighten the screws too much. Finally, make the outside of the binoculars tight by putting back and tightening the screws.

What is the usefulness of user manual?

Always read the user manual before attempting to disassemble your binoculars. There is a lot of informative material you would find in the manual. Most manuals contain a complete labeling of all the parts of the binoculars. You should always read the information before taking apart your binoculars.

Don’t over clean your binoculars

If you really like to clean your binoculars a lot, cleaning too much is not helpful. If there is just dust, a simple blow, dusting or wiping with the right tool or cloth should work.
Cleaning too much can hurt the coatings and glass. So don’t clean more than you really need to.


In conclusion, taking apart binoculars might seem tricky, but with careful steps and attention, you can do it. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guide and take note of each part as you disassemble them. Disassembling can help with cleaning and fixing, but always handle the pieces with care. Now you have the know how to explore the inner workings of your binoculars, make sure they stay in good shape for better views in the future.

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