Which binocular magnification is better (8x or 10x)?

Sometimes it gets very tricky to decide which binocular magnification is better. There are various options available in the market when it comes to choosing the best high magnification binoculars. Perception of every single detail is one of the biggest benefits when you are viewing distant things through binoculars. There are several types of ranges available in terms of magnification.

Therefore, things can get confusing when you try to decide which pair of binocular magnifications are better for you. Well, the answer depends on what type of situation it would be used in. Because several factors are associated with different situations that play an essential role, like the magnification field of view, Objective lens size, etc. Here we are going to discuss all of that and find out the perfect magnification for every condition.

What is binocular magnification?

Which binocular magnification is better (8x or 10x)?

Binoculars are designed to provide you with an up-close picture of objects. The image that you see through the binoculars simply gets magnified, therefore making the object appear closer. But along with this, there always remains the question: Which binocular magnification is better?

The term magnification defines how much closer something appears in comparison to if you are looking at it with the naked eye. The magnification depends on the binoculars that you are using.

The first number X of the binoculars is the strength of the magnification. While checking various binoculars, you will observe different aspect ratios, such as the 10x42mm binocular, What does 10x mean?

10x magnification shows that the object will appear ten times closer to you than it would be with the naked eye. 42mm is the objective lens diameter. We have analyzed different binocular magnifications that are suitable for various purposes and will make your adventure amazing.

Various purposes for using binoculars 

When you are ready to choose, which binocular magnification is better for you? It is also important to consider how you will be using them. Do you need a pair for a forthcoming sporting event? Or maybe you might be interested in pair of hunting binoculars.

If you are willing to buy high magnification binoculars for particular primary purposes such as bird watching, stargazing, or astronomy, The detailed guidelines are given below thatwill help you to narrow down your choices.

Which binocular magnification is better for general use?

Magnification and size are the main aspects, but optics and other features should also be considered while making your decision. If you are going to buy binoculars for general purpose use, the perfect magnification range would be 6x to 10x. This range is ideal for people who love to keep binoculars with them while wandering around the neighborhood.

The binoculars with less magnification will produce a sharp image, and the field of view will be wider. Therefore, you can watch moving objects with ease. Binoculars with larger magnification come in handy for an object that needs to be viewed very closely or examined thoroughly. It all depends on what you intend on using them for.

Comparisons of 8x and 10x binoculars: Which is better?

SpecificationsImportance8x Binoculars10x Binoculars
Image StabilityHighSlightly stable
Slightly less stable
Field of ViewModerateWider field of view
Narrower field of view
Low-Light HighBetter in low lightRequires steadier hands
PerformanceHighSlightly BetterMore Better
PortabilityModeratecompact and LighterRequires steadier hands
Long-RangeHighLimited to mid-rangeBetter for long-range
Image StabilityHighEasier to hold steadySlightly pricier

Which binocular magnification is better for hunting?

For hunting adventures, optimum binocular magnification is a must for any hunter or shooter. Experienced hunters typically prefer an 8x or 10x magnification binocular. Binoculars are quite handy for hunters because without hunting binoculars, just like a blindfold game.

With a good binocular pair, you are always on target, which makes your hunting voyage more exciting and easier. There are two critical things that you should keep in mind while buying hunting binoculars.


Which binocular magnification is better while hunting? A distant, slow-moving target requires binoculars with greater magnification, while a close, fast-moving target requires binoculars with lower magnification. Most people would prefer high magnification, but keep in mind that the higher the magnification, the narrower the field of view would be.

Field of View

When you are looking through your binoculars, the area of view that visible to you is “field of view” or “angle of view”. In hunting, you need a broader field of view because most animals run fast, and spotting your prey would be challenging. Therefore, hunting activity requires a binocular with maximum field coverage.

Which binocular magnification is better (8x or 10x)?

Keep in mind that as the magnification increases, image stability decreases. So, any shake or bounce is magnified to cause a distraction for the hunter, due to which he can lose his target. So, the best binoculars for hunting should always be handy and magnified.

Which binocular magnification is better for bird watching?

Bird watching is truly magnificent event that can please any nature or wildlife lover by breaking horizons of immense beauty for them. People who have made bird watching their hobby always equip themselves with various optic tools. Binoculars are one of them.

Bird watching is all about spotting or seeing birds from distance and gathering as many details as possible with stabilization and bright images. Therefore, the ideal binocular for birders is not one with greater magnification.

While using high magnification binoculars, image stability is compromised, and also brightness of image also dims. This can cause problems for bird watchers because you cannot determine details of a bird well.

The field of view is another important aspect to consider because higher magnification can limit the field of view or angle. A wide field of view is recommended, as it will help you get the whole image with maximum closeness. Birds are not going to sit there for you to watch them. They tend to fly away at any moment. Spotting them easily will require a binocular with a broader field of view.

8x binoculars can be used in various conditions or environments and are very common among expert birders. They generate bright pictures and provide you with the maximum field of view to spot your favourite birds easily with image stabilization.

10x binoculars are ideal for wildlife observations by professionals. They provide you with more details and greater magnification, making them ideal for watching from a safe spot.

Which binocular magnification is better for astronomy?

For astronomical purposes, you would require a binocular that can provide you with a sharp image of the sky and its objects. 10x is the best magnification for astronomy. While choosing the best astronomy binocular, you should consider every aspect while deciding on a pair for yourself.

A wider field of view can gather a large amount of light. Therefore, searching for a dim object in the sky like a galaxy (andromeda) or a nebula would be tough without a larger field of view, so binoculars with greater field angles come in handy for a night watcher.

Binoculars are designed for both eyes, which gives you a more natural and comforting angle as compared to a telescope while taking a spacewalk at night. Want to enjoy different galaxies, glittering stars, luminous moon, and enchanting space bodies? Just grab pair of the best binoculars for your trip, and you will be stunned by the amount of detail provided by them.

Which binocular magnification is better for sports and concerts?

Spectating a game of golf, football, or other sports becomes easy and enjoyable if you have the best binoculars with you. You can easily track games and watch clearly what is happening on the field. But the question remains the same, Which binocular magnification is better?

In this kind of situation, rather than going for magnification, you should go for a wide field of view to get vast coverage of the event. Massive magnification is not necessary here. Standard sports binoculars should have a magnification of 7x to 10x. Most sports, like football, rugby, and baseball, are fast-moving so going in with high magnification can cause problems like image stabilization.

Similarly, 5x to 7x magnification is suitable for events like sport and other musical gatherings, as you do not need to focus on details. So, any regular binoculars could be optimal. If you want clear image of your favourite singer or artist, then increase the level of magnification, as these things matter a lot. Here we have discussed all of that and found out the perfect magnification for what to look for when buying binoculars.

Final thoughts

When choosing a pair of binoculars, you should always give preference to the necessity of the situation. Don’t be fooled by price or specifications of the binoculars. Remember, do not get excited by high magnification or fancy features, because if they are not going to satisfy your demands and serve the purpose, they are pretty useless for you.

You must pick up the right items for the right circumstances. Everything depends on you and your demand, from pricing to magnification, from the field of view to the size. Choose a binocular that proves its worth and improves your life. We hope that this guide will surely help you decide which binocular magnification is better for your needs.


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